Snare Pole Size 70″ Code 224


All export products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the specs so ordered. Only genuine material is used. The quality assured at the manufacturing is wholly in consonance with International Standards and export requirements. If not specified by the buyer, all products bear the logo of “Nadia Pets Cross Inc”. FOB: Karachi Seaport, Pakistan. DOCUMENTS OF SHIPMENT: Commercial Invoice Shipping Invoice Packing List Inspection Certificate Insurance Certificate Bill of Lading Certificate of Origin Health Certificate Quality Certificate CMR (When needed) VGM LOADING: WE START BUYER LOADING PROCESS 2 -3 DAYS AFTER CONFIRMATION OF BUYER TRANSFER of payment. DELIVERY TERM: 01. Upon offer accepted price.packaging.port of delivery & payment terms accepted and discussed. 02. Buyer is REQUIRED to send to us his PURCHASE ORDER Or ORDER CONFIRMATION Payment terms: BUYER IS REQUIRED TO MAKE A 40% T/T PAYMENT UPON ISSUED PROFORMA INVOICE REQUIRED TO COVER – PACKAGING – IM DUTIES PAYMENT – SHIPMENT CHARGES – OEM SERVICES – ORGANIZATION OF LOGISTICS MATERIALS INSURANCE FEE & 3rd PARTY INSPECTIONS – 30% T/T UPON SCAN COPIES OF FULL SET OF  SHIPMENT DOCUMENTS & TRACKING & 30% TIT Thank You

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