32 Eggs Transparent Plastic Body HHD Automatic Incubator

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Product Description

HHD Fully Automatic 32 Egg Incubator

Model: YZ8-48
Package Weight: 5.7Kg
Size: 50*54*32 CM
Package Size: 60*55*50 cm
Voltage: 220 V~240 V /50 Hz
Electric Power: 80 W
Capacity: 48 Chicken Eggs
48 Bird / Quail Eggs
24 Duck / Turkey Eggs
24 Goose Eggs

2. Features:

1. Automatic egg turning(every 2 hours)
2. Digital temperature control.
3. LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days/egg turning time.
4. Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out setted range)
5. The lastest updated 2012 model, more accurate and stable.
6. Four large observation windows.
7. Easy to clean, simple to use with instructions included.
8. Foam packing.
9. Excellent quality, EU standard/approved
10. Suitable for incubating all poultry: Chickens, ducks, gooses, Turkey, etc.

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