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How to Import Fancy Birds from abroad to Pakistan – Complete Guide on Birds Import Procedure

Monthly Pricelist of Animals & Birds for Sale in Pakistan

Find here monthly price update of all types of animals abd birds in Pakistan. The pricelist contain both selling and purchase prices

Dairy Cattle Farming

Breed Name: Cow Cattle Scientific Name: Bos Taurus Class: Mammalia Family: Cattle Subfamily: Bovinae Gestation period: 283 days Lifespan: 18 – 22 years Mass: Male: 1,100 kg (Large Adult, Bull) Female: 720 kg (Large Adult, Cow) Daily Feed Requirements For milk production, the cow must eat large quantities of food and drink large volumes of […]

Jersey Cattle Breed Profile and Farming Feasibility

Find here complete guideline on doing successful dairy farming. Business Feasibility would encourage new ones to cattle farming