Business Proposal#1 –
2 Kanal Smart Birds Breeding Farm

1.   General. Breeding of exotic birds and animals is substantially profitable business around the globe.It not only yield unprecedented %age profit but also has substantial growth potential. In Pakistan, being emerging business, has very bright prospects in local as well as world markets. The proposal is conceived to assess feasibility of establishing farm over 2 Kanal area or around 9000 sq. feet of land. Operational Feasibility is devised on principle of  “Land Owner – Farmer (Technical Management) Partnership”. Land Owner, call Partner No, 1, would provide the land along with; gated boundary, brick structured Incubation/Brooding Rooms, Living/ Store and Electricity/Water Supply, whereas the establishment of birds living facilities,its technical control/farm management will be dealt by Partner No.2 ie Nadia Pets Cross (NPC). Expenditures borne for establishment of Smart Farm (less cost of land, brick structured Incubation/Brooding Rooms and living/ store room along with electric and water supply) and all recurrence expenditures (Yearly basis) will be shared equally by both the partners on start of the project. Project has the potential to generate over PKR 100,000/- monthly income against direct investment of around 2.4 million rupees.

Salient Prospects of Investment/ Terms & Conditions
1.  100% safe and secure investment as each penny spent would be within your owned land.
2.  Un-parallel profit return. In vestment of around 2 million would generate around 102,000/- per month for each partner. Same amount in back only give profit return of 6000/- per month.
3.  100% Halal Income, as no % of interest is involved,
4.  Agreement would be made meeting all legal requirements and will be registered in Court of Law.
​5.  NPC would be bound to give complete transparent picture of all sale returns to the Land Owner.