Partridge Breeds Found in Pakistan. پاکستان میں تیتر، چکور، بٹیر کی کون کون سی نسل اور کن کن علاقوں میں پائی جاتی ہے؟

SNOW PARTRIDGE Lerwa lerwa 38 cmADULT Vermiculated dark brown and white upperparts, chestnut streaking onunderparts, and red bill and legs. Often occurs in large parties, and can be verytame. Males advertise with low whistling calls, and noisy cackling when going toroost. High-altitude rocky and grassy slopes with scrub. Resident; 3300-5200 m. Rarein Hazara and uncommon […]

Birds of Pakistan پاکستان کے کونسے علاقے میں کونسے پرندے ملتے ہیں؟

This article would cover all birds found in different areas and provinces of Pakistan except those kept in Zoos and Captivity. PROVINCE OF SIND Karachi Area Buleji Beach and Cape MameLocation: On the outskirts of Karachi city along the western seaboard. Buleji is about39 km from the city centre and Cape Monze about 45 km.Habitat: […]